A New Way to Scale IT Solutions: Comport + HPE GreenLake

A simplified IT environment with a suite of solutions at one pay-as-you-go rate

Comport now offers HPE GreenLake - a new way to scale IT services based on what your company actually uses. Our technology experts help you set up HPE GreenLake with the capacity you need and tailor solutions to grow as business demands it.

This consumption-based service model allows companies to select IT solutions that make sense for their business and only pay for the services they use. This means reduced overhead and tailored support for services that traditionally have one-size-fits-all models.

Comport + HPE GreenLake Provide Scalable Solutions for Growing Companies

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shortened time to market for deploying global IT projects

  • Compute - general purpose to high-performance computing needs

  • Storage - fast access to data with massive scalability

  • Private cloud - run Azure services in data center

  • Database - scalability for database environments

  • Virtualization - deliver capacity for your virtualized workloads, with technology built and sized for your needs

  • Data management - data protection, disaster recovery and development/testing areas

Avoid overprovisioning and speed up your time
to market with HPE GreenLake’s range of workloads as a service:

HPE GreenLake lets you keep key workloads on-premises to stay in control of security, privacy, latency, and compliance.. In addition, it allows the use of the public cloud when appropriate to give companies flexibility in on-demand capacity and planning.

Backed with Comport’s technical support for implementation, customization and maintenance, HPE GreenLake creates a simplified IT environment for growing businesses. See how Comport can put HPE GreenLake to work for your company by requesting a consultation.

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Flexibility of The Cloud Plus Security of 
On-Premises Technology

Stop Rip and Replace high spend technical projects

Get a reliable monthly 
cost expenditure

Lower operating costs with elimination of space, electric and power requirements

Reduce cost

increased IT team productivity by reducing the support load on IT

CAPEX savings from eliminated need 
for overprovisioning